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Just SOLD Another Painting
Thank you  Tony Liska! I will post a picture when it is framed and posted in his office. Thank you Tony!

Watercolor Art

Now that I am retired, I get to explore my artsy side. I am taking it reasonably serious and have sold one painting so far! Summer of 2016 I started taking basic art lessons which are the building blocks for future endeavors. I had only ever been exposed to whatever I got during K-12; some ideas about perspective, shadow etc. So I wanted to approach this "from the beginning."

During my initial classes I had the good fortune to be introduced to a local artist and now good friend Penny. She invited me to visit her home and I left with a whole stack of books. They say you meet people for a reason, season or life time. She is definately here for a reason! The critical information I needed was placed in my hands from the very beginning. I devoured the books and started hunting on YouTube for videos of watercolor techniques. And I was off!

She soon after encouraged me to join the NM Watercolor Society; so I did - and very glad I did. I met another instructor as I was ready for a change. Marie Siegrist - I enjoyed a short set of classes and was exposed to her techniques. Everybody adds to yours. You pick up techniques & tips all along the way.
When travel plans changed in October; I wanted to see Yosemite. Then I discovered their Yosemite Art Conservancy - low and behold they have classes right there in the park! I was able to paint with 2 different artists. The first John Hewitt. The second Frank Eber. I particularly liked his methods and techniques. I will be studying for a full week with him in Scottsdale AZ at the Scottsdale Art School. I can't wait.

Scottsdale Art School - I can't say enough about the art school. Wonderful facility and staff. We were even able to order lunch in and eat on site for convenience. Frank Eber is an excellent instructor. He is very patient and kind. My first two days were very difficult. I had not painted that large before (16 x 20) and my brushes were way too small to do the job. I went to a local art supply store and fixed that. The rest of the week went much better. Everyone asks; was it worth it? Yes! It was an amazing experience. 

The challenge now is to take what I learned; putting my new skills to work. I also learned that - while I knew a little about perspective, I did not know enough. I requested a book from Frank. He was awesome - recommending Andrew Loomis. I selected one that was broad based. Covered little bit of everything. Great book.
Painting in Yosemite

Art Shows

Now a member of the NMWS - I am participating in their shows. More on that soon! 

     The NMWS recently held their first show "Early Journey" Show - it was for newer artists that had not won yet. It was to help train us on the procedures needed to enter a show; thus training us to enter local, state, regional or national shows. Great training tool. I had entered 3 paintings and my Yosemite Falls painting made the cut! It was displayed through the month of Dec.

     I have also had a painting accepted into the show at the RR Museum - FLOA (For  Love of Art month) Feb. It is my painting titled "Out to Pasture" of a red caboose and is featured on the home page. 

I will also have my art at Cafe de Mesilla. The Southern Chapter of the NMWS has what they call "alternative spaces." Following NMWS the Ten O'clock Club is having a show at the same location. This one has a Theme, so a new painting will be on displayed. Look for "Tranquillity" on the for sale page and at Cafe de Mesilla! 

These locations rotate and are another way to have your art on display in the community! Besides - it's fun!

I have entered 2 painting in the NMWS Spring Show. IF accepted, the show is in Albuquerque! Stay tuned!